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The Zork download is available at several sites. Below you may find a link that suits you. Start typing into the fantasy based adventure. Be careful because if you (not this link) play Zork you are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Zork Download

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Zork Download

Find downloadable links or simply play zork online.

Zork Download

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Zork Download


Zork Download

Zork online. Zork is one of the first computer games published; it’s played by entering text at a command-line. My co-workers and I took turns playing — during breaks, of course. It can be an infuriating game to play, but, like most games, sucks you in. There are sites that offer Zork for play Another is by L.A. Free-Net, where you can find 4 maps and download the DOS games (probably not usable if you’ve using newer versions of Windows). I’ve included this third map,

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Zork is the quintessential text game. There’s no need to click your mouse, maneuver a joystick or mash a d-pad. All you need is the ability to read, type and think somewhat logically. The amusingly clever text adventure was



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Download any of the following Zork games for free and get a first hand look at great interactive fiction!

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